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Moving! And no garage sale involved :)
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It's so empty and bare in here! I've packed all my posts from the last couple years and moved them to a new writing website.

fictionmingle will stay where it is, and so I'll keep this blog in order to have access to the community and to keep in touch with all you LJ'ers :)

If you came over from fictionmingle, hi!

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Wow ... it seems that everyone is leaving LJ and moving some place else. Can't wait for you to share your new url.


Hi Lesley! We have to catch up soon! There are a few good reasons why I've been working on moving for a couple months now and I hope to write up a nice post about it all as an introduction to the shift. I'll say that one reason for sure is the advertising along the sidebar and the popup advertising I have to experience when I stop paying my annual dues. On the other hand, I've had a great experience with the community here and met so many great people (like you!).

It feels a little bit like going off to college :)

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